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Canyon CNS-HKB6 Keyboard

The Canyon company is well known for its many technological features and computer peripherals. Probably the most widespread part of a computer peripheral is a touchscreen, so from their offer there is one model that has several interesting features. See what it’s about.

The Canyon behind the somewhat uninventive name CNS-HKB6 offers a multimedia touchscreen of a low or ultra-slim profile. For all those who like this kind of touchscreen, the height without stretched tapering feet is only 9.5 mm.

In addition to the low profile, there is an integrated palm rest that contributes to even greater comfort, and a soft touch rubberized coating that covers the entire surface of the keyboard, including the buttons, which does not look bad in design. Backlighting of the keys in this price range is not a common occurrence, and its plain light is quite a high intensity. No more levels, so it can only be completely shut down.

Let’s mention another USB port on the computer, and a series of multimedia keys, located in part, in part, among the function keys that run with the Fn button.

Design is minimalistic. There are 112 buttons with a thin black band below them that integrate signal diodes for Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock functions. Since it is a low profile touch, the buttons are shallow, but have enough depth. The use of the mood is most appropriate for working on a laptop keyboard, so everyone who is more accustomed to the laptop is in favor of it. Appropriate additions are marked tickers with our special characters. We do not have any major objections, except when we see the reduced Enter key, which is full size keyboards, we simply can not accept.

All in all, there is a keypad with the highest priority of the backlight key and a slim profile, with a very reasonable price. If you are looking for something like this, consider this model.