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Canyon Despot CND-SGM9: MMO Gaming Mouse

Last week, we got another solid piece of Canyon gaming hardware – Despot CND-SGM9, a mouse that will at first glance be clear to you for fans of MMORPG games.

Namely, in addition to the standard buttons and wheels – below which you will find two keys to change the active DPI resolution – Despot offers even 12 extra keys to your left, reminding you of the good old Razer Naga mouse.

And be concerned – if you have 12 keys too, or you want to rest from MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 and play something where you will not need so many additional keys, Canyon has also thought of you.

Default additional buttons can be removed and replaced with slightly larger 6 alternative keys, which will be more than enough for most games, and there is also the option to replace them with three plastic lids, with which you will actually get a classic rodent without any additional keys.

Additionally, you can adjust your taste and habits to the weight of the mouse, which will be used by four of the 5 grams that come in a box with additional keys, which you can insert into the mouse under the special cover from its bottom.

The weight of the mouse was perfectly adequate for us, but we also have to admire the Canyon with a solid ergonomic design, which will make Despot – at least to the gentlemen – lie in the hand perfectly.

The overall impression also contributes to the quality of the rubberized plastic from the top as well as the special rubber surface on the right side of the mouse, which will be most appreciated by users who once suffered with a periphery made of smooth plastic, which is not only hand-held, but also a magnet for fingerprints.

When we take all this into consideration, Despot is easiest to describe as another typical piece of Canyon gaming hardware – which will be cost-effective, and from a quality point of view, a very solid device.