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Darktable: free and competitive photo processing

Given that photographs are today an inevitable everyday life, as you guess, we present you an excellent photo-processing software. Right from the beginning, the most important thing is that it’s free, and it’s called Darktable.

And while it was only available for Linux and Mac operating systems for a long time, Darktable is now home to Windows. It’s about software that is meant to be positioned between a professional RAW image processing tool and some simple software that an average user could use. And what’s best, it’s his hand.

His work speed is very high, and the logic and access to photo processing is very simple and logical. The design most resembles Adobe’s Lightroom. In addition to working with RAW format, there is also support for all standard and frequently used photo formats, and it’s actually impossible to list all the functions of the photo processing tool. There is a lot of things, from the correction of exposure, white balance, light and contrast, saturation, to those standard for cutting, rotation, but also for applying color corrections, filters, and the like.

One of the best items in the Darktable tool is that all processing is not destructive, which means that the changes in the photos are not immediately applicable, but are only displayed. Complete processing is only applied when exporting photos.

And export along JPG, PNG iTIFF format offers a variety of features like Facebook and Google albums, e-mail attachments, creating an HTML web gallery and the like. In the end, we should boast a very good online manual for less experienced users, so all we can say is that you certainly try this great free photo editing software, whatever the operating system you use.