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Nvidia presented the RTX 2060 and the first RTX card for the laptop

Nvidia recently introduced several new features – including the long-awaited RTX 2060 graphics card for desktops, as well as its first RTX cards for laptops.

The RTX 2060 delivers 240 tensor cores, 6GB of video memory, and real-time ray tracing support, thanks to which we can expect performance for a shade better than the GTX 1070 Ti, or even 60% better than the good old GTX 1060. Best of all, the RTX 2060 can be purchased now, at a price of quite affordable $ 349.

When it comes to RTX cards for laptops, Nvidia emphasized that in the coming period we can expect more than 40 RTX graphics and ray tracing gadgets on the market, among which will be models with the signature of all the more prominent producers, including Alienware, Asus and HP, which will offer up to twice as much power as Sony’s PS4 Pro console.