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REVIEW Spider-Man

Although September brought us a bunch of games, one of them without a lot of trouble rose above the others, which – when we think about it – was not difficult, since we are talking about Spider-Man, who already spends most of his time somewhere between the skyscrapers above us .

In the latest game from Insomniac Games, it’s more than easy to enjoy – it’s enough to drop the Spider-Man from the closest skyscraper, and, swinging from one end of Manhattan to another, you simply absorb her fantastic atmosphere.

In just one second, you will hear only the buzzing of the air in your ears as you climb to the ground, for a second to listen to the rush of the crown of the tree through which you have run, before you hear the noise of city traffic accompanied by exclamations of enthusiastic passers-by who have just noticed Spider-Man. And then you’ll find yourself again a few tens of meters in the air, arriving at the next mission with the smallest smile on your face.

And it will be quite irrelevant to you that the structure of the game and the side activities scattered across its map have been seen countless times. And why would it matter to you when the main missions are excellent, and the feeling of being rolled over New York is superb. Add to that an equally high-quality combat system, which at first glance resembles Batman’s Arkham adventure, but who soon becomes sufficiently unique and fun to master, that you will be happy to clash with all the possible villains you encounter on the streets and roofs of the Great Apple.

And besides being brilliant in the fight and the very act of moving with the main character, the game is surprising with the quality of the story. Of course, superb performance and production were expected, just like some of the bad guys and reversals that we saw in the first trailers for the game – but, once you play it properly, you realize how much you really care about its characters and their relationships. And not only because Peter Parker and society are convincingly human, but also because the game in a great way intertwines the humor and relaxed atmosphere with the drama and serious situations in which the characters will regularly embrace.

Because of all of this, Spider-Man can be recommended as a compulsory textbook without much thought – to the likes of his character and his works, as well as those who will only become.