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Samsung at CES 2019 presents a 4K OLED screen for the laptop

The Korean media say Samsung has managed to produce an OLED 4K resolution screen that will be implemented in its laptops and present at the CES 2019 event.

Consumer Electronics Show is a event that many technical brands use to present novelties in the field of computers, smartphones or technology in general. Thus, Samsung should introduce laptops with a 4K display resolution. There will be 3 sizes of laptops with these OLED screens ranging from 13.3, 14 and 15.6 inches.

In addition to implementing the aforementioned display on its computers, Samsung is also negotiating with HP, Dell and Lenovo for the eventual supply of these screens. The media report that the products with this screen will have high resolution, low contrast in blue, wide viewing angle and will be very slim.

When in 2017 Samsung produced a 2K screen for HP’s laptops, they did not have great success because of their high price. However, the price difference between the LCD and OLED screens is no longer so great today (approximately $ 50-60), and it is predicted that 4K laptops will have much more success, especially in the high-end class of laptops but also with gamers.

In the laptops market, it’s important to have something to attract a buyer or user, and the 4K screen could be a crucial factor for the individual when buying a new laptop, and we think that this is a good move by Samsung.